Saturday, August 17, 2013

Idea Filmfare Awards 2013

Watch 60 th Filmfare Awards 2013(south) on 25 th august sunday@6:30 p.m only on ma

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  1. Movie Box Office Collections all Woods
    for Mahesh "1" movie Sun-Network has paid '12.5 crores' , it is for Telugu & Tamil, okay, i know this, so what??? Mahesh is not on top in T.V Rights???
    let's think, 9+3.5 = 12.5 c
    so for TAMIL version 3.50 crores??????
    okay,,, be it..
    then MAHESH is the only ONE to get 3.50 crores in TAMIL... idi record a kada????
    so anavasaranga comment cheyakandi dudes,,, ippati varaku Telugu lo aina Tamil lo aina "1" movie ne top, accept it.... nijalu nammadaniki problem enti